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Esthetic Healing Abutment with ScanPeg


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Neoss Esthetic Healing Abutments offer a complete range of anatomically-shaped PEEK healing abutments with a dedicated ScanPeg, for simplified and accurate single tooth intra-oral scanning.


Anatomically shaped to create excellent esthetics 
A natural soft tissue profile is created during the healing phase. Utilizing the healing abutment while scanning eliminates soft tissue collapse during impression taking.  

Easier handling – a faster, improved procedure 
The push-in ScanPeg is used with the healing abutment and replaces the need for a separate scan body for intra-oral scanning. This minimizes the exchange of components, streamlines the scanning process, and reduces the number of treatment steps and the overall chair time.

Undisturbed healing and more patient-friendly 
With the no-component exchange approach, the biological seal is maintained and the tissue level is preserved. It makes the treatment less invasive and increases patient comfort.

Technical specs

The Esthetic Healing Abutments with ScanPeg are available in five different anatomical shapes. 

Abutments are made in PEEK. 

Esthetic Healing Abutments with a pre-assembled screw and the ScanPeg are supplied sterile in a blister. The ScanPeg is also available as a spare part in a 5-pack and is supplied non-sterile. 

Scanner compatibility 
Compatible with the most commonly used intra-oral scanners

The push-in design enables distinct seating and keeps the ScanPeg securely positioned. In addition, there is an indicator (a horizontal groove) for confirmation of correct seating depth. 

The ScanPeg can only be disinfected using a water-based disinfectant. All parts are for single use.